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Purchase Contract and Conditions and Pricelists 2014

Subject of the Purchase Contract is a sale of production service based on the order, scenario and budget (hereinafter referred to as “Documents”) forming an integral part of the Purchase Contract.
The Vendor undertakes to deliver to the Purchaser production service with all requisites, in quality agreed in advance, in stipulated scope and term. The Purchaser undertakes to reimburse the production service pursuant the payment terms.

• The Purchaser shall place and send the order to the Vendor’s address, to the e-mail address: inspirace@krumlov.cz

• The order shall contain all data required for business transactions (name, registered office, birth No., IČO = Company Registration No., etc.)

• Based on the order and after satisfying the conditions the Vendor shall prepare a scenario
• The scenario of the action shall exactly define the nature of the production service

• The scenario shall include the budget for the action with stated commission and VAT
• The budget for the action is the price list of the production service

Conditions and purchase price

Production service price list:
• Each product purchased by a client as a production action is different – Vendor’s production actions are not based on price lists
• The price list is created on the basis of the order, personal meeting or otherwise agreed communication and is based on calculations and prices of subcontractors
• Price lists and their creating is an open process, which may be affected by the Purchaser
• The Vendor has price lists of commissions and some other price lists of subcontractors – partners and accommodation price list and conditions

Accommodation price list:
• mediation of accommodation according to the submitted list of municipal accommodation capacities and logistics support: free of charge
• mediation of accommodation on Purchaser’s name, the Purchaser and/or his guests pay for their accommodation outside the budget and are liable for cancellation charges: CZK 80,- per room including VAT
• providing accommodation within the budget and according to conditions of the accommodation providers (cancellation charges): according the commission

The commission is calculated as percentage settled and advised in advance from the total costs for the action (based on the budget, calculation including VAT):

• budget up to CZK 100.000,- - commission 25% from the budget, but minimum CZK 5.000,-
• budget up to CZK 500.000,- - commission 20% from the budget
• budget up to CZK 1.000.000,- - commission 18% from the budget
• budget over CZK 1.000.000,- - commission 15% from the budget

Commission includes:
• complete providing of the production action
• preparing scenario and budget for the action in prices including VAT
• full consulting and mediating services – consultancy concerning logistics and other necessary information with respect to organizing production actions in preservation zones, UNESCO zones, preserved objects, historical interiors and exteriors,
• organizational and personnel support, appointed producer + production assistants, hostesses, crew
• personal contact with the client, coordination of the action, keeping the approved schedule - scenario with respect to time schedule and quality (contents)
• assistance on unexpected event, logistics, consultancy
• insurance of the action
• charges to OSA (Authors’ Protection Union)
• complete providing of financial services and payments to all engaged subjects and subcontractors – financial mediation

Payment terms and cancellation charges:
• prior the start of action the down payment in the amount of 75% of budgeted price must be paid 3 months in advance or at least 30 days before the event
• should the accommodation be provided from the budget, such amount of down payments shall be requested to satisfy conditions of individual accommodation providers
• after the action, the Vendor shall issue an invoice with due period of 10 days, to the invoice shall be attached documents listing agreed costs according to the action’s budget
• in case of wedding service will be the rest of the budget paid at least one day prior to the wedding ceremony according to invoice or receipt
• cancellation conditions and liability for cancellation are defined as follows:

1.in case the production action is cancelled prior paying 30% down payment from the budgeted price, i.e. prior the signature of the Purchase Contract, the cancellation charge is considered to be the first down payment (minimum CZK 2.500,-)
2.in case the production action is cancelled after paying any other down payment, such down payment shall be repaid within fourteen days in the amount of the down payments after deduction of all documented costs